Actor Sushant Singh, who was allegedly ousted from Savdhaan India after his participation in the Anti-CAA protests in Mumbai, now opened up on how things shaped up. In an interview with a news agency, the actor revealed that he didn’t want to link this up with the protests and dilute the larger issue which is about saving our democracy. Sushant maintained that he doesn’t know about the actual reason why he was asked to leave the show. The actor, however, revealed that he was told there were ‘budgetary constraints’ that he was never aware of before.

“I was told there are budgetary constraints. They gave me this (reason) yesterday. I was not aware of budgetary issues earlier,” Sushant told PTI. The actor went on to add that as per the contract he had signed with the channel, he is supposed to be informed at least a month prior and it could be a coincidence that he was informed about the production’s decision on the night of the same day we went out to protest. He said he got a message at the same night informing that it was his last day of the shoot. “Maybe it is a coincidence, maybe this was planned. I don’t want to speculate,” Sushant said.

When asked why he didn’t confront the makers for their impromptu decision, Sushant said he never believed in questioning because ‘questioning becomes begging.’

Earlier on Tuesday, when he made the announcement on Twitter posting that his stint with Savdhaan India was over, many Twitter users asked him if this was the price he paid for speaking up. Sushant maintained that he didn’t care if it was the same because it was a ‘small price.’ In his latest statements as well, the popular actor said he will never stop speaking on the matters that concern the future of his kids and shape up our country the way we want to see it tomorrow. He thanked the students for supporting the protests. Sushant added that the protests are a sign that we are ‘not dead as a society’ and that proves ‘collective consciousness can change things.’