Karan Johar is not just a popular filmmaker but a man of amazing wit. He is sassy and he knows it. In his latest Instagram post, he made sure he is shushing all the voices that make fun of him for his ever famous ‘pout’. KJo is as popular for his pouty selfies as Shah Rukh Khan is for his signature arm pose.

In his latest post on social media, Karan explained how making a pout in pictures is something that comes naturally to him and he doesn’t think it’s offensive to anyone or should hold importance in anyone’s life. Taking the viral ‘Linkedin-Facebook-Instagram-Tinder’ photo challenge, the filmmaker exclaimed that he thinks of himself as Hollywood actor Brad Pitt while making a pout and he doesn’t understand how can that affect anyone for better or worst. The caption of KJo’s post on Instagram read, “As you know I am a man of many expressions!! Many a time I am asked why I pout so much! Well I don’t have an answer to that! I pout as soon as a camera is within 10 feet of me! I can’t help myself! It’s an inbuilt mechanism that activates itself on its own and no amount of requests for a simile or a candid laugh can take my pout away from me! It’s a part of my lip till fillers replace it…It’s now a part of my personality! I suck my cheeks, squint my eyes…pretend I am Brad Pitt ( in my head) and Voila! You have a 47 year old man who thinks he is Paris Hilton! ( also known as a midlife crisis) …I am happy! So please don’t rain on my pout parade! ❤️🙏” (sic)

Karan is one of the most fashionable directors across the world and he never shies away from making stylish appearances whether he is walking a red carpet at a Bollywood award show or just trying to catch his next flight on time. From his crisp suits to his over-sized Balenciaga jackets and neon shoes – everything is perfectly on point the moment he steps out of his abode. While he is trolled for flaunting so many expensive brands together in one look, he is also appreciated for being a filmmaker who is breaking the notion of staying away from the fashion business if you have a ‘serious’ job of filmmaking. One appearance at a time! Also, when did pout harm, anybody, ever!