London, April 15 : Filmmaker Guy Ritchie was photographed visiting former wife Madonna’s house here along with their son Rocco Ritchie. In some photographs obtained by, Guy was seen entering the front door. He reportedly emerged some time later.

Rocco was seen in the doorway of the house, hinting he was already at his mother’s place and would stay there for the night.  Madonna’s reunion with Rocco came after the former partners got warned by a High Court judge that they could ruin what is left of their son’s childhood if they failed to settle their bitter custody battle. Also Read: Judge wants Madonna, Guy Ritchie to resolve son’s custody issue

Judge Macdonald ruled that the English proceedings could be halted, after analysing the latest round of the row at a private hearing in the Family Division of the High Court here in March.  The judge urged the exes to resolve their differences over where Rocco should live. He ruled their legal battle would be held in a New York court, rather than in London. Rocco reportedly agreed with his mother’s decision to withdraw the proceedings.