Student Of The Year actor Sahil Anand walked out the Bigg Boss 10 house after he failed to get votes this week. The Bollywood actor, who entered the show as a wild-card contestant, failed to grab attention during his tenure in the show. Sahil was barely spotted getting embroiled in controversies and seen arguing with anyone in the show. The actor is glad that he was not noticed for wrong reasons but at the same time reveals that Bigg Boss 10 is deceiving the audience by not showing everything as it happens in the house.

Yes, Sahil shocked everyone by making certain revelations about Bigg Boss 10, which is one of most loved reality shows of the small screen. The Bollywood actor is upset with the fact that good things happening inside the show is not been shown on TV.  The actor while talking to PTI said, “I think I was pretty active in the (‘Bigg Boss’) house. I used to stand and speak when anything wrong used to happen. There are good moments also in the house but I guess viewers are getting to see more of fights, arguments etc. In this case I am happy I am not seen (in such instances)). (ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 10 Weekend Ka Vaar 11th December 2016 Day 56 LIVE Updates: Priyanka Jagga gets evicted!)

The 29-year-old actor had a great experience in the show but is not sure if he would want to enter the house again. He further adds, “The experience was good. I wanted to know how I would behave in tense atmosphere in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house. I am not thinking about going again in the show. I don’t know. There is too much stress. It is bad atmosphere. I had not given up.”

Sahil shared a cordial relationship with all the contestants of Bigg Boss house. He was majorly friends with Bani and Gaurav Chopra. When asked about his rapport with the two inmates, he said, “Bani and I had met earlier and it was good reconnecting with her. She was there for me and I was there for her. Gaurav Chopra is good and strong. We spoke a lot on a lot of things. He took me as younger brother.” (ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 10 10th December 2016 episode 55 Live Updates: Salman Khan EVICTS Sahil Anand, Priyanka Jagga to be OUT tomorrow?)

Do you think Bigg Boss 10 is scripted?