Zareen Khan, who shot to fame with her stint in Superstar Salman Khan’s Veer, has managed to give her fans a pleasant shock with her sudden transformation, from her debut in Veer as an elegant princess to a sizzling girl in the chartbuster item number ‘Character Deela Hai’ in Ready, once again shaking a leg with Salman Khan. Zareen’s flawless beauty and an enchanting smile can make millions of hearts melt. After her bold Hate Story 3, alongside Karan Singh Grover, the actress grabbed many eyeballs.

This sexy lass is all geared up to wow us with her brilliant performance in Ananth Mahadevan’s upcoming romantic thriller Aksar 2, which is a sequel to 2006 film Aksar. Besides Zareen, the sequel features Gautam Rode, Mohit Madaan and Abhinav Shukla in pivotal roles. The actress, whose film is slated to release on November 17, is on a promotional spree. In an exclusive interview with, Zareen speaks about her experience working in Aksar 2 and her co-star Gautam Rode, insights into her character, future projects and more. Excerpts from the interview. ALSO READ: (Aksar 2 Actor Gautam Rode: I Love To Surprise My Audience By Playing Different Characters)

Aksar 2 is your second thriller after Hate Story 3, you seem to like doing thrillers?

I think, I am the makers’ choice; it’s not that I consciously pick up these scripts or I make a conscious effort to only do thrillers. I did Hate Story, which came my way. When I did it, I was very sceptical because it was something new that I was trying and I wasn’t sure that my fans would like me or not in that but they did. I got a lot of appreciation after Hate Story 3. And then, I was approached for Aksar 2; I said yes, as I loved the script. After a very long time, I was playing a solo female lead in Aksar 2. But no, it’s not a conscious effort of just doing thrillers, though thrillers are a genre that really works and keeps the audiences interested.

Are you worried about getting typecast?

No, because I feel everybody’s perception changes with every film of yours. I did Hate Story 3, which was an erotic thriller and now, I am doing Aksar 2, which is not an erotic thriller, it is a romantic thriller. But since I have done Hate Story, it is a repel effect that is coming in Aksar and people are like, “Oh she is only doing bold scenes.” I agree, in Hate Story 3, yes, I had done a couple of bold scenes but not in Aksar. I am fully clothed in whatever I have done. I did a beach song ‘Jaana Ve’, I am wearing full clothes in it; I am wearing denim shorts and a gown, unlike other actresses who do a beach song, wearing a bikini. I don’t understand how I am doing something bold there. I am sure, this whole thing is going to fade away once my 1921 (horror film) comes out because that’s a horror film and I am playing a completely different role. My audiences will see me in a completely different avatar as to what they have seen me so far. So, I think it’s with the movies that come out, people’s perception changes.

Tell us about your role in the film?

I am essaying the character, Sheena. Sheena is this girl, who feels that if she gets this particular job, it will be the end of all her troubles but it so happens that because of the job she falls in all the more trouble. There is this one point, where she feels she is stuck and there is no way out and then how, with her courage and willpower, she manages to get out of this trap that she has fallen in is the story of Sheena.

How was it to work with Gautam Rode?

It was great. I haven’t known Gautam for long, I met him on the sets of the film. He comes across as a great personality. He is one of the popular faces of television. My mom watches a lot of his shows. He is very famous and to work with somebody who has already been in the TV industry for so long, he brings years of his experience when he is doing this film. Though it is his first film, he still has a lot of experience in the acting background and plus his personality is very different from my personality. I am this spontaneous person, I like having fun while on the other hand, he is a very serious person. He wants everything to be done correctly, he is kind of a perfectionist. So, it was great, as we are two different personalities working together.

What kind of films are you keen on trying your hand at?

I want to explore myself as an actor. I want to really try different characters, something that shows my acting potential. I definitely want to do a comedy because people say I should give it a try as, in reality, they find me really funny.

Did you watch Aksar to prepare for the sequel?

No, I remember I had watched Aksar years back and I remember it in bits and parts. So, when I was offered this film, the first person I told this to was my mother. Actually, whenever something new happens in my life, I tell my mother. My mother is the closest person to me. So, she said, “Oh! it’s a nice thing, Aksar was a great film (she remembers the first part Aksar) and I think you should do it. When I got a heads up from my mother, I was like OK. But no, we did not watch the first one because this one has nothing to do with the first part.

The trailer has received a good response, are you excited or nervous about the release of the film?

No, I am not nervous. In fact, I am very excited and happy because, as you said, the audiences have given us a lot of love and appreciation. They’ve already liked the promo, songs, among others. It’s great because, in our film, we don’t really have a superstar or any A-list actors but despite that, we have managed to get so many eyeballs. So, yeah, I am really excited and I am sure that people are going to love the movie.

Do you think Aksar 2 will do well at the box office?

I hope, it does. Right now, we can’t really say what’s going to leave up to the expectations and what’s not. Big budget films with superstars have been bombed at the box office and these small budget films with interesting scripts (like Shubh Mangal Savdhan) have been accepted too. So, people are liking it, they are open to new ideas and scripts. Thriller is one of the genres that the audience really likes. Also, in most thrillers, people are able to predict what’s going to happen in the end but this is a film where until the end you won’t understand what’s going to happen. As you can see in the promo, you’ll feel everybody is grey, everybody is good, so, I think that’s going to keep the audiences on toes until the end.

What is the status of 1921? Is it ready since the film is releasing in January?

We have wrapped up with the shoot; it’s in the post-production phase. The movie is slated to release in January 2018.