Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees remains to be one of the most awaited films of 2017. The superstar recently released the first trailer of the movie and it has been a talking point ever since. His dialoguebaazi, daredevil gangster swag and the true blue Pathan look, the amazing onscreen chemistry with Pakistani actress Mahira Khan and more… the trailer has impressed the fans and critics alike. However, a few scenes in the film’s trailer have hurt the religious sentiments of the Shia Muslim community in India. In one scene, SRK is seen in black garb doing maatam, a ritual that Shias follow during the mourning months of Muharram. In an extension to that scene, which seems to be a chase sequence, SRK is seen jumping across rooftops. The scene shows the Khan jumping over juloos (procession) carrying alam mubarak which according to Shia theology is considered as disrespect.

(An Alam is considered to be a religious flag of Islam and it is said to be carried by the Prophet Muhammed, Hazrat Ali and Hazrat Abbas ibn Ali during battles or expeditions. The battle of Karbala further glorifies its importance.)


A still from Raees. Inset L-R (Maulana Yasoob Abbas, Javed R Shroff, Rajiv Shukla, Ahmed Patel)

A still from Raees. Inset L-R (Maulana Yasoob Abbas, Javed R Shroff, Rajiv Shukla, Ahmed Patel)


Following the release of the trailer, the particular scene caught the attention of the Shia community in India. A petition has also been filed on demanding deletion of the scene and seeking an apology from Shah Rukh Khan. The petition will be further sent to the Indian Government, censor board and all Shia forums across the country.

Talking exclusively to from Lucknow, Maulana Yasoob Abbas, Spokesperson, All India Shia Personal Law Board, shared, “We have requested the makers of the film to delete the scene from Raees as it will hurt the religious sentiments of lakhs of Shias who reside in India. It is a pity that the scene was shot without anybody noticing the flaws in it. Alam is scared for Shias and jumping over it is considered highly disrespectful. While we are hopeful that the needed changes will be made, we are waiting for an official statement from them.”

Back in Mumbai, Javed R Shroff, former Chairman of the Maulana Azad Minorities Financial Development Corporation, is leading the cause. Talking exclusively to, he revealed, “I have spoken to Mr Rajiv Shukla, Member of Parliament and requested him to take the issue up with Shah Rukh Khan as they are known to be good acquaintances. I have also approached the Mumbai Police to make them aware of the request from Indian Shia Muslims.”

He further added that Ahmed Patel, senior leader of the Congress Party, has also played an important part in helping them approach the makers of the film, who have shown interest in doing the needful. “It is a matter of Shia-ism and faith and Shah Rukh Khan has assured that he will look into this and make sure that whatever is objectionable is deleted from the film.”

The trailer shared by Shah Rukh Khan and uploaded on Red Chillies’ YouTube channel has been revised and the objectionable scene has already been deleted from there. However, there has been no official statement yet from the Raees team about the changes in the film and this has the Shia Muslims across India clueless about the developments.

Shah Rukh has time and again proved that his fans are dear to him and he has used his social media platforms to reach out to them. We are sure his Shia Muslim fans are waiting to hear from him. Watch this space for all the latest updates.