It is not any wonder for an Aamir Khan film to make headlines much ahead of their release. The superstar is a master when it comes to thinking out of the box and using unique promotional ideas to keep the audience intrigued. Dangal is no different! As if the strong story line, the interesting trailers and powerful music wasn’t enough, Aamir Khan shot for a special song, where he not just surprised us with some cool moves and new look but also sang it himself. He took to the mike 18 years after the fans first heard him in Aati Kya Khandala song from Ghulam.

Aamir Khan’s Dhaakad version will not be seen in the film and it was just shot as part of the film’s promotion. Even then, Aamir made it grand enough so that it gets his film Dangal all the attention and love it deserves. We hear a lot of sweat has gone into making the song Dhaakad. Bollywood’s favourite choreographer Bosco Martis, one of the hot steppers from the superhit Bosco-Ceaser duo, spoke to us about shooting for the song Dhaakad from Dangal with Aamir Khan.

The ace dancer shared, “Our biggest challenge was how to make this song which has such strong lyrical power. The song has a very powerful message and the look of the song, the steps had to do justice to that.” He further added that a clear brief went a great way in making the song. “We knew that we had to show Aamir Khan to appear as a superstar who is talking about these girls who are absolutely Dhaakad and how everyone should beware of them. Intercutting the song with some wrestling moves gave it that much needed strong edge,” Bosco said. (ALSO READ: Dangal movie review: Aamir Khan’s sports drama gets Best Film of the Century title!)

But why don’t we get to see the Phogat sisters in the song? Bosco revealed that there was a big reason for not showing the two Phogat girls but only their silhouettes at the end of it. “The idea was to not give a face or identity to the women Aamir Khan is talking about. Because it is not about any two or few women; it is a song for all the Dhaakad and strong women out there who are ready to take on the world.”

Fusing wrestling moves with hip hop and getting Aamir Khan to try this new form must have surely been a task but the actor surprised all on the sets. “In fact, shooting with Aamir Khan was great fun. He is so committed to whatever he does. Be it films for his body transformation. It is always so inspiring to work with him,” disclosed Bosco who has earlier choreographed Aamir in films like Delhi Belly, 3 Idiots, PK and now Dangal. He further revealed that Aamir was a great sport and he too had fun trying the hip hop moves. And we can see that in the song where Aamir Khan looks so effortless. (ALSO READ: After working with Shah Rukh Khan in Raees, is Sunny Leone’s next project with Dangal star Aamir Khan?)

We wonder if there were several retakes. After all, Aamir is known to only retire from a scene when he is satisfied with it. He is also accused of interfering in the process of filmmaking and also ghost directing his films. And Bosco confirms this. “Yes, Aamir Khan does bring his ideas, suggestions, opinion to the table. He is a perfectionist and you have to be well prepared while working with him. If the director is uncertain and fails to give him the assurances of what he actually wants and how, that’s when Aamir feels that he needs to take it on from there,” shared Bosco further adding that the director need to be clear in his brief and not sound uncertain. Because then that would obviously affect the execution and no actor would want that. (ALSO READ: Dangal Box office Prediction: Here’s why Aamir Khan’s film would not beat Salman Khan’s Sultan!)

It can be recalled that Karan Johar had quizzed Aamir Khan about Ghost directing his film on the show Koffee with Karan season 5. To that Aamir had replied, “I wish I could direct a film. But all that I do is I get deeply involved. It is difficult not to because films in my life. I go all out to help the director achieve His Vision.”

Well, as audience we cannot complain because call it interference or involvement, Aamir Khan’s films never disappoint!