Finally, the wait was over and Shah Rukh Khan’s most-awaited film Fan finally hit the theatres on 15th April. Fan, is an important film for SRK and also quite essential for his fans, as the film is dedicated to them. Directed by Maneesh Sharma, Fan is about a crazy, diehard fan Gaurav, who wants to meet his idol, superstar Aryan Khanna. SRK, who played both the roles, rocked the screen with his performance as Gaurav as well as Aryan.

As a Fan, I know the movie is not going to be happy or will show a pleasant relationship between fan Gaurav and superstar Aryan. A glimpse of their bitterness was shown in the trailer. But, still as a fan, I loved the film. In the first half, the film shows the good side of Gaurav and his love towards his superstar. Be it arguing with people for his favourite actor or imitating his superstar in a competition, as a fan, I too have done this. The only motive of Gaurav was to meet his favourite superstar and tell him how much he loves and admires him. As a fan, I too personally feel, I’m one of the biggest SRK fans, so I could connect to Gaurav’s thought process. (ALSO READ: FAN Movie Review: Shah Rukh Khan shines in double role, but his best is yet to come!)


As a fan of any famous personality, we all have been excited about their birthdays. We give our best wishes to them by standing outside their house or wishing them on social media. If you’re an SRK fan, you know well how long you’ve been standing and waiting outside Mannat, to get a glimpse of King Khan. Gaurav, who is an extraordinary fan, who considers himself as junior Aryan Khanna, because of their similar looks, tried to copy everything Aryan did when he travelled from Delhi to Mumbai. (ALSO READ: 3 times Shah Rukh Khan played a superstar in reel life and nailed it totally!)

The most touching moment in the film is when Gaurav sees his superstar Aryan Khanna. I still remember my first encounter with Shah Rukh Khan 8 years ago, I was stunned and quietly listening to what my Baadshah was talking. I could feel Gaurav’s emotions when he saw Aryan, that scene did give me goose bumps. That’s the beauty of the film; it gives you major fan feels.

But, the biggest setback a fan can get is not receiving acceptance from his star. When Gaurav faced the same, his love and obsession for meeting Aryan turned into an obsession to take revenge. There are instances in the film which will confuse you on whose side you should be. There are situations where you feel Gaurav should not this to Aryan and vice-versa. Gaurav’s hatred for Aryan was equal to the love he had for him, so he left no stone unturned to seek revenge from Aryan. But, these thrills will definitely give you chills and leave you astonished in many parts of the film. (ALSO READ: Here’s why superstar Aryan Khanna from Fan is different from Shah Rukh Khan!)

I’ve seen Darr, Baazigar, Anjaam and I’m not going to say SRK acted the way he did in these films. SRK as Gaurav was a completely different portrayal of innocence and obsession turning into hatred. In his previous films, SRK showed obsession for girls whereas, in Fan, it’s an obsession by a man for a man, which cannot be compared to those films. I’m not going to say SRK from Darr is finally back, no, I’ll say, SRK showed some other kind of obsession in Fan which I’ll add to his best performances as an anti-hero in the list.


Aryan Khanna, on the other hand, was a famous and wealthy superstar. He owned a huge bungalow, had a huge fan following and was equally famous like SRK, but was no close to SRK as a star. So, I appreciate that King Khan did not take it easy on performing superstar Aryan, and as a fan, I can easily differentiate between Aryan and Shah Rukh Khan. Cheers to SRK’s brilliant and convincing acting. In the second half, due to lengthy chasing scenes of Gaurav and Aryan, I for a minute lost connect with the film, but thanks to the phenomenal acting SRK did, I was back into the zone again. (ALSO READ: FAN release: Will social campaign by ‘intolerant bhakts’ affect box office collections of Shah Rukh Khan’s FAN?)

The film even after so much thrill and heartbreak has a message for all the types of fans in the end. It tells you to be someone’s greatest fan in life but do not make someone your life as a fan. For me SRK’s last best performance was Jab Tak Hai Jan, so seeing the amazing actor SRK back on the screen did make me happy. Fan is a must watch movie not only for SRK fans but for anyone who has been or is a fan of any person. You’ll be amazed to see how Maneesh has portrayed a fan’s thought in the film. There will be scenes where you’ll be like, ‘Oh how did Maneesh know this is what exactly I’m as a fan! Did he read my mind?’

See the craziness you do as a fan in this film. You’ll me moved by seeing your emotions for any of your idol shown so beautifully on big screen. It’s not just a film; it’s an emotion you feel as a fan.

Ratings: 4/5

By: Pooja Darade