Shah Rukh Khan‘s FAN has been receiving lot of positive response at the box office. The movie which released last week is quite close to collect 100 crore at the box office.

In the film, SRK plays a double role, one of a superstar Aryan Khanna and other of his crazy obsessed fan Gaurav. Although, it’s a double role, both the characters have some resemblance in their faces. Both the characters do not exactly look same. So it was really a tough task for the Shah Rukh, director Maneesh Sharma and make up and the technical team to come up with a face of Gaurav.

King Khan always mentioned in his interviews that getting a look of Gaurav was not an easy task. There were times when the team almost thought it would be impossible. But they didn’t give up and tried every possible way to get a makeup done of SRK of a 25 year olf boy, Gaurav. (ALSO READ: The Kapil Sharma Show: Shah Rukh Khan and Sunil Grover are being goofy and we just cannot stop laughing!)

A lot of prosthetics and VFX work has been done on SRK’s look of a 25-year-old Gaurav. As people were amazed and wanted to know the transformation of SRK to Gaurav, the YRF team posted a video on YouTube which shows the makeup journey. In the video, Maneesh, Shah Rukh, makeup artist Greg Cannom and VFX team are telling us how tough it was and how they finally managed to make SRK look like Gaurav.

FAN is thriller movie which is loved by audience. But the video of Baadshah becoming his fan Gaurav is quite enthralling and interesting. We must say, hard work really paid of well to the team. Also, cheers to SRK’s patience level as it took almost 6 hours a day to get a look of Gaurav. Watch the video and tell us what you think about this amazing transformation!

By: Pooja Darade