Fantastic Beasts 
Director – David Yates
Cast – Eddie Redmayne, Katherine Waterston, Alison Sudol, Dan Fogler, Colin Farrell, Ezra Miller

No, I am not a Harry Potter fan. I don’t know how many books have been written on the world famous wizard (7 or 8? I am not sure), and I have no inkling about how many of them have been translated into the movies (7 or 8, I guess, the conventional wisdom dictates) And yet my editor took the risk of getting this one reviewed by me.While the whole wild world will scoff at the necessary substratum (the proverbial palette)and how I lack it oh-so-gloriously to even watch this one, the editor’s choice was quite interesting, if not demanding. “Good, you have NOT watched any, that will not cloud your judgement–good or bad” he declared before I stepped out to watch Fantastic Beasts. ALSO READ: Colin Farrell has never read ‘Harry Potter’ books

Fantastic Beasts has some key ingredients that will keep you hooked. It has magic, spells, visual spectacles and above the undeniable thrill quotient. Director David Yates shows so much conviction in his own narrative that does necessitate any ode to or  reference to Harry Potter. There’s so much happening on the screen as Yates takes this movie much away from Britain (Scotland or Ireland–yes, I m not a HP fan, once gain) the story moves in old New York. The clock is turned back and the magic has much more scope for the space is so much for it to happen the sparsely dense metropolis.

We loved the fact that the movie refuses to dip itself in nostalgia and plays out as a tale that is re introductory. Everything is fresh and highly innovative. Their delivery is well packaged. Character’s appearances are life-like and the narrative is really smooth. J K Rowling who has helped the screenwriting department single-handedly  embellishes her endeavour with glimmers of romance and parallel action scenes that stay with you.

For those of you who have been curious to know how the action unfolds and what keeps the ball rolling here’s the undeniable cinematic excerpt. Jacob witnesses a Niffler, a platypus-like creature that loves everything bling and in hindi parlance jhatakk. The said being wreaks mayhem in bank almost unleashing violent attack on  bank’s vaults. It is quite interesting to how he creates those delicious strudels before he starts hogging them all by himself.

The plot kicks into thick action as it unleashes these magical creatures (some are really beautiful beasts) and how the whole saga unfolds. It looks like a mini party of sorts that may demand another four movies to conclude it before mounting it on another level. It’s interesting and equally exciting to see how these fantastic beasts  have slipped out of his suitcase. And then there are witches and wizardry thrown with humans who hate and are terribly scared of their magical ways. So have have cities folding up and landscape getting convoluted.  Never have been beasts so boastful of their wizardry.  Roar they do and how!

Our rating: 3.5/5