Following the success of Humsafar, Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan became household names. The actors were loved by the audience for their chemistry. Whenever we see the two in one frame, we just keep our fingers crossed hoping to see them together on the screen. Mahira and Fawad were recently seen sharing the same frame. Are the Pakistani actors doing another show of film together? Well, not a show or film, but the Humsafar actors are reuniting for a photoshoot. We came across an adorable video of the two actors.

A boomerang video was posted by one of Fawad’s fans. And trust us, the two still look so good together that it will take you back to their Humsafar days. In the latest video that has surfaced online from the shoot, Fawad looks really handsome in a blue blazer and a white shirt with a black bowtie while Mahira looks sexy as she pouts in a golden gown. After seeing this video, we are getting restless to see pictures from the shoot. Take a look at the video below.

Recently while talking to India Today about India – Pakistan, the Raees actress said, “Art lessens differences – whether they are created through history or politics. By way of art, we start realising that we – Indians and Pakistanis – are much more similar than we are different.” She further added, “Since there are barely any differences between our people, I feel that we should still collaborate when it comes to films and music.”