How we miss Fawad Khan! Sigh! Even before his Bollywood debut, Khoobsurat, (opposite Sonam Kapoor), the actor enthralled us with his performances in television shows like Zindagi Gulzar Hai (ZGH) and Humsafar and became a household name. Not only did he win our hearts with his impeccable acting skills and music sensibilities, his killer looks gave many girls sleepless nights. I mean how often do we come across a personality, who looks exceptionally good, sings well and acts even better, right? His evocative eyes, sexy voice and sharp jawline made us go weak in the knees. He made exceptional strides in Bollywood with just two-three films to his credit but was soon asked to leave he country post the Uri attack that banned Pakistani actors from working in the Indian film industry. To say that the move broke our hearts to a million pieces wouldn’t be a gross exaggeration.

While that’s that, there is no denying the fact that we miss him dearly. We have lost the count on the number of the times we’ve had re-runs of his shows and films, hoping he would make a comeback to the Indian films and our TV sets soon. The actor, through his characters on screen, set a benchmark of the kind of lover boy girls would want their boyfriends/husbands to be. Whether as Zaroon in ZGH or Ashar in Humsafar or even as the Rajput Prince Yuvraj Vikram Singh Rathore, Fawad has set huge standards in terms of the guy, a girl wishes to have in her life. Of course, the characters were flawed in their own way, but they still had qualities, which we’re sure every girl would wish to see in her life partner. Thus on the actor’s 36th birthday today, we bring to you five scenes from the actor’s films, which will not only make you skip a heart beat but also prove why he is the perfect lover boy any girl would love to have in her life. So in the words of Meghan Trainor, “Dear future husband, here’s a few things, you’ll need to know if you wanna be, my one and only all my life.”

# Humsafar – A guy who looks at his lady the way Ashar looks at Khirad

Who wouldn’t want a guy, so appreciative and smitten in love with his girl, the way Ashar (Fawad) is with his wife, Khirad (Mahira Khan) ? *Sigh*

# Zindagi Gulzar Hai – a guy so honest in his proposal that it’s almost impossible to say no

Now, wasn’t that the most honest marriage proposal ever? If it could change a cold-hearted Khirad’s (Sanam Saeed) view on marriage that too with her arch nemesis, Zaroon (Fawad), it could make you go fluid as jelly too. As if the honest confession wasn’t enough, he had to speak in Urdu and make it sound more sincere and beautiful. ” Kab Meri Zindagi Tumhare bagair Namukkammal lagne lagi..” Omg!! And he let the tea fall in his hand and not hers. What more do you want from the guy?

# Khoobsurat : A guy who falls for your quirks and not your looks and goes to great lengths to convince the parents

Everything about you two is different — right from your social standing, culture, upbringing to even your personalities. However, he still falls head over heels in love with you and goes up to his parents to convince them about you, even though he knows he is going to have the most uncomfortable conversation of his life with them. He’s even ready to face the wrath of your parents for you. Well he is a keep and Yuvraj Vikram Singh Rathore is a perfect example of that.

# Ae Dil Hai Mushkil – A person who is first a friend and then a lover; who’s very secure about himself and his relationship with you

Unfortunately, this scene was deleted from the film, but if you’re a fan like us, you would have seen this bit on Youtube anyway. Now, who wouldn’t want their boyfriend/ husband to be this secure about himself and their relationship and not drive them up the wall for being extremely close to their best friend, who happens to be a guy? Well, DJ Ali is mature, handsome and can surely make you dance to his fingertips, if you know what we mean!

# Kapoor And Sons – Once a family guy always a family guy

The first thing every girl wants is to meet the guy’s family– to see how he is with them, who is he close to, who he’s not particularly fond of, his equation with the elders and camaraderie with the siblings. If your guy loves his family (family being the key word here) the way Rahul Kapoor does in Kapoor and Sons, don’t let him go.

So, what do you have to say about our list? Do you agree when we say that there’s a little bit of Fawad Khan we all want in our respective boyfriends/husbands? Let us know in the comments’ section below, and while you’re at it you are more then welcome to share more qualities and videos from his other shows/films that you’ve watched. Meanwhile, here’s wishing the hunk a very happy birthday and hope the year brings with it a lot of luck and a lot of interesting movie projects for the actor.