Bollywood actress Radhika Apte, who was last seen in Manjhi-The Mountain Man, is back with a short film or video for the YouTube channel Blush. The short film, Find Your Beautiful | Radhika Apte Unblushed, is a very special film every girl must watch.

The video starts with Radhika looking her one of her childhood photograph and asking herself what would tell to the child Radhika 25 years ago. She keeps thinking and then says only two words, ‘You’re beautiful’. Radhika talks about how a girl must not question her looks, size and appearance as she is beautiful in every which way. The video features different girls with Radhika’s voice in the background. She says that a girl should not shy away from living her life the way she wants. (ALSO READ: Radhika Apte’s first look from Phobia revealed)

She tells every girl to live to the fullest laugh loudly and can do anything crazy or weird as that’s all make a girl look beautiful. She also tells in the video to not listen to what society tells her to do and follow the definition of society of what it means to be a good Indian woman. She rather says that a girl must counter question such people who describe her as not a well-behaved Indian girl. The video has a very wonderful and special message for girls all over the world. It is important to love yourself first and not to question your appearance and existence by listening to other people. Watch the video and be your own beautiful role model!