Social media now a days is a huge platform and thus whatever new happens on this platform, spreads like a wild fire. Challenges is the new trend these days that is in! People find these exciting and follow it with a hashtag becoming a part of this social crowd. Popular celebrities are also cheerfully participating these challenges and their fans love them for that. These challenges are also included as the part of promotions and thus trends like anything. one such new challenge is making rounds on the e-platform called the ‘mannequin challenge’! In this challenge, people post a video clip enacting as if time has frozen while in action! With so many people accepting this fun challenge, the Force 2 cast also participated to promote their movie! Sonakshi Sinha recently posted a video on her Instagram account where we could see John Abraham and Tahir Bhasin getting involved in this challenge along with a radio team in Dubai.

The Dabangg actress, went Dubai along with the cast for promotion of her new movie where the team of ‘City1016’ office were happy to be a part of their promotion. The team looked fun with a fake action scene by John and Tahir on which Sonakshi gives a cute reaction. The radio team also supported them with their own kind of fun reactions that was captured in a slow motion video clip. Posting this video, Sonakshi gave it a caption which said, “Taking the #mannequinchallenge #Force2 style at the @city1016 office yesterday in dubai!!!! This was SO cool! Thank you guys we had a blaaaaast!!! @thejohnabraham #force2promotions #dubai #action.

Watch this amazing clip posted by Sonakshi right here!

The Force 2 team were not the only celebrities from tinsel town who took this challenge! Earlier Jacqueline Fernandez and Varun Dhawan also took up this challenge and their fans were thrilled! Tinsel town’s stars have found an awesome way of reaching the masses with these challenges. Earlier, Hollywood celebs like Beyoncé,  Michelle Williams, Kelly Rowland, Blac Chyna, Rob Kardashian, Dwayne Johnson and many others took this challenge. Not only this, but Michelle Obama also became the part of this fun challenge at white house! With so many people taking this challenge, we are excited to see more new faces from Bollywood industry becoming mannequins for this challenge! (ALSO READ: Force 2: Exclusive chat with John Abraham, Sonakshi Sinha and Tahir Bhasin! (Watch video))