For the title as powerful as Force 2 (force twice over , that is) director Ahinay Deo could not have dreamed of a more powerful satarcast than John Abraham, Sonakshi Sinha and Tahir Bhasin. The trio chatted exclusively with ahaed of the release of the film. After tasting success with the first installment John is all set for a good response the box office with this one! Looking as delicious (yes ladies! he is getting hotter with every passing moment) as only he could, John is looking forward to see audience’s reaction.

Does the success of the original movie gives him jitters or it gives him the much-needed boost? ” We knew Force worked. We wanted to make Force 2 bigger and better. We were fortunate to get the right script and right content together. Force for me is the honest true blue action franchise of this country. Its a true continuation as opposed to most films where sequel is force-fitted. Force genuinely mertis series like Jason Bourne series,”  answers John. ” For me to be associated with a film the first outing of which was so successful. I’s getting bigger and better and that for me is incentive enough,” adds Sonakshi. ALSO READ: Force 2: John Abraham and Sonakshi Sinha pay tribute to the jawans at India Gate!

After portraying dare we say the ultimate Khiladi Kumari in her last outing Akira, Sonakshi Sinha is all set to showcase her acting chops once gain. What the thinking process is like when an actress in paired opposite John? Does the fear of looking one’s fittest self get heightened? ” There’s a variety of action sequences and types in this movie. I was trained well enough. I learnt mixed martial arts and that training really came in handy for Force 2.

After showcasing his fine acting chops in Rani Mukerji starrer Mardani, Tahir Bhasin is excited to portray a villain chracter once gain in Force 2. Tahir may not be a match to John, in terms of his physique, but he surely knows how to put his best foot forward and  look menacing. “It is the kind of part that doesn’t need the physicality. This character is playing mind games with both John and Sona’s chracter in the movie. So his strength lies in his strong mind,” answers Tahir. ” The real strength of your chracter is not in your physicality always. It is in you eyes,” adds John. ALSO READ: Gautam Gulati or John Abraham: Who has a sexier butt?

 Force was a success. And we are looking forward to watch Force 2. What exactly is  the USP of this film, we asked the gang! : Force 2 is very relevant to what’s going on our borders today. If the bodies of our soldiers, our secret agents and spies are being sent down back to our country in coffins then Force 2 is very relevant,” concludes Johny boy.
Watch the full interview here and watch this space for the latest on Force 2!