Remember that girl from Mohabbatein? The girl you probably haven’t seen since then? Yes. Kim Sharma is reportedly itching for a comeback, so much that she’s apparently willing to work for free. You’d think an actress this hot can’t have a shortage of offers in the industry, but those who remember her will recall her acting skills. Perhaps the reason behind her decline.

Kim Sharma back in the day was tagged in headlines for her affairs with the likes of Yuvraj Singh. In 2010 she got married to bussinessman Ali Punjani, and disappeared from the radar for a substantial period of time. But her good time has hit a snag. Husband Ali Punjani filed for a divorce in April 2017. She’s supposedly going through a series of personal crisis in her life, and is wanting to make a comeback. ALSO READ:  Kim Sharma shoots down reports of being bankrupt, here’s what she has said

So lately Kim has been collaborating with Javed Jaffrey for a noble cause on The Indian Documentary Foundation’s Program “Good Pitch India.” Kim has been at it since last February, working at the non-profit foundation, which is founded by Javed Jaffrey himself. This is a nonprofit organization that develops funds and promotes the documentaries that are all about India. Kim was introduced to this organisation by fashion designer friend Arjun Khanna.

All in all, her working for free seems to be taken out of context when a noble cause like that comes in the picture. It can be recalled that earlier in April this year, there were similar rumours about how her husband has left her bankrupt. The actress who have shifted to Kenya post marriage, had come back to Mumbai due to marital discord. However, her financial crises seems just another rumour and we think she’s only starting a new chapter in life, on the right foot.