The Furious 7 trailer will launch on November 1, 2014 and the Fast and Furious loyalists are eagerly waiting for the trailer. Before the first trailer is out, there has been a sneak peek at what can be seen as a decent quality screen grab from the film as Dwayne Johnson is seen fighting Jason Statham in an office.

Facebook fans of the popular film franchise who number over 50 million will be able to watch the trailer of the latest film which will hit the theatres on April 3rd, 2015. The trailer will be launched at 12 pm Pacific Time which is 1:30 am Indian Standard Time. The Live Streaming can be viewed on the official Fast and Furious Facebook page if you can’t make it to the Universal Studios in Los Angeles.

Fans can send in questions to any of the cast of Furious 7 on Instagram by posting their queries followed by #AskFurious7. Universal Studios representatives will also answer questions posted as comments on the live event post on the Facebook page of Furious 7.

There will be a sneak preview video of seven seconds everyday as the buildup to the live trailer launch event. The videos will have behind the scenes, interviews, off-beat moments from the sets of the film with the initial video focusing on the late Paul Walker who died in November 2013 after a tragic car accident.