If you’ve seen the fifth episode of Game Of Thrones’ season seven today, then you must’ve definitely overlooked the scene where Gilly asks what an annulment means, reading from the High Septon Maynard’s diary to a preoccupied Samwell Tarly. Tarly responds an annulment is when a couple legally ends their marriage to wed another. Gilly goes on to say that the annulment Maynard describes is for a “Prince Raggar” who married someone else in a secret ceremony in Dorne. However, since neither of them understood the significance of that matter, but every reader with a half a wit, leaped with joy.

That would mean that Jon Snow could after all, not be a bastard. How you ask? The Mad King, had three children: Rhaegar, Viserys, and Danaerys Targaryen. And this documentation would mean Rhaegar must’ve annulled his marriage to wed Lyanna Stark. Now you would also recall how the “apprehension” and “rape” of Lyanna Stark started Robert’s Rebellion. But, in the books, Rhaegar is said to have a much gentler and kind nature to do something so appalling. Which goes to suggest that Lyanna Stark was actually in love with Rhaegar as well. With of theirs consent, the two got married and gave birth to Jon Targaryen.

According to the rules of succession, as Rhaegar’s legitimate son, Jon would have a better claim than Rhaegar’s sister: Daenerys. thanks to the presence of the Kingsguard at Lyanna’s deathbed at the Tower of Joy, the scene of which came in season 6.  Now, Ser Arthur Dayne and his men knew Aerys, Aegon, and Rhaegar Targaryen were all dead so, by rights, they should have been guarding the next in line: Viserys Targaryen. At the time, Ned wondered aloud why they are there and not protecting the queen (pregnant with Daenerys) and Viserys: But why was the Kingsguard stuck firmly to their post at the Tower of Joy? They were protecting the one true infant king.

Now that means that Danaerys is not the last Targaryen, and she doesn’t even have the most convincing claim to the throne. But since there is evident romantic tension between them, we guess there may be a romantic twist in the end – although, even that will be an incest, since Danaerys is Jon’s aunt by relation.