“Bani and I are not friends, we are family,” said Gauahar Khan in an interview with TOI when she was promoting her recent release Begum Jaan couple of weeks back. We have seen the strong bond that Gauhar and Bani J share with each other. They always hang out with each other and have nothing but good words to say about each other. The fact that Bani entered the Bigg Boss house on Gauahar’s insistence said a lot. And we saw how she got emotional just at the mention of Gauahar, who was also aggressively rooting for Bani till the end. So it came as a surprise when reports about problems in this friendship started doing the rounds today.

Yep! All is apparently not well between Bani and Gauahar. Recently, Bani went on a digital detox of sorts as she deactivated all her social media accounts for a brief period of time. Though the actress and VJ is back, there is something fishy between her and Gauahar’s equation. After coming back on Instagram, Bani has been suddenly tagging rumoured boyfriend Yuvraj Thakur in almost all her posts. Check them out here: ALSO READBani J puts all break up rumours to rest, calls boyfriend Yuvraj Thakur her ‘everything’


The 1st one. Taken at a signal in the middle of traffic. Our cars just happen to be next to each other. I was just looking at him and realised this would be a cool picture. How many times have our cars just lined up next to each other and we get to drive side by side with the biggest smiles on our faces. Scenes out of movies. Life imitating Art, or the other way around? I get the camera out and rush in a mild palpatative panic because I realise to take this picture I have to undo my seatbelt and pop half my body out of my car window before the signal changes🚦 Doesn’t he look so amused? Lol. ______________________________________ First instax dedicated to my Human @yuv_thehuman. Circa 14th April 2017 ______________________________________ #morepleaseyesthankyou #comingsoon #instax #filmphotography #theflashmayhaveblindedhim #hecontinuedtodrivesomustbeOk #lol #thatconcern #thepicturetho #thatyouth #indiantraffic #personinacar #FilmPhotography #backtothePast #goodoldFilm #fuckurconventionallovestoryA post shared by ⚡Lady RocknRolla ⚡ (@banij) on

So what is sho fishy about that, you ask? Well, there was a time when Bani used to post a lot of selfies with Gauahar, but that has stopped. In fact, Bani has also not talked anything at all about Gauahar’s performance in Begum Jaan. Also, Bani, who used to like and comment on each and every picture of Gauahar, has stopped doing the same. So you get it? There is something dicey for sure here.

is it the insecurities between best friends? We know how it is, right? Best friends are never cool with each other’s significant others, it’s a universal rule. Or is it something else? Well, only Bani and Gauahar can put the speculations to rest.