Gauahar Khan, the gorgeous actress and Bigg Boss 7 winner, is super active on social media. Recently, she posted a picture on her Instagram account, captioning it, “Thank u @kaprapan for this lovely jacket. Absolutely love it. #pearls are my favs, coz gauahar means a pearl!!!! … Oh thaaaaaaaaaankkk you uuuu @devs213 #mine.”

While most of Gauahar’s fans commented, appreciating her stunning look in that outfit, one of her followers, Rohit Raj wrote, “Afsos ki baat hai ki kal aapki team match haar gayi. Koi nhi. Next baar milega mauka 🙂 @gauaharkhan.” This clearly indicates that he had targeted the India Pakistan match in ICC Champion’s Trophy 2017 where India defeated Pakistan and was referring to Gauahar as a Pakistani.

We all have seen Gauahar in Bigg Boss 7 and loved for being straightforward, although haters called her an attention seeker. If she feels something is unfair, she will immediately voice her opinion without giving a second thought. She will not try to be politically correct. Same way, post reading this comment; she decided to give the troller back. (ALSO READ: Gauahar Khan and Bani J put an END to their friendship – find out why)

Gauahar lashed out at him by saying, “@rohit.raj.3 meri country toh India hai, I think u are from another planet…I love all countries n respect all religions…but small minded people like u won’t get it!!! Will pray for ur kind.” Well that’s an awesome reply to such haters, isn’t it?

The hater was trying to troll Gauahar, but was trolled by the actress and her fans instead. As soon as he realized, he went on to post another comment explaining his side to escape from image damage and rested his case. He wrote, Dear @gauaharkhan aapko kuch kaha maine and aapke fans ko bur alga. U said that u love all countries and religion. Fine. Aap bs ye bta do ki being a real Indian how can u love Pakistan? When Pakistan is trying to spread terrorism and cutting off the heads of our soldiers. No Indian can love Pakistan after all this. I apologize if you feel bad by my comments. Thanks. I rest my case.” Well Gauahar didn’t bother responding to his comment.