This certainly is the age of male objectification! Every boy worth his fame in the industry is dropping his clothes to show the hot bod beneath. Some are even busy shedding their pants to show off their posterior. While John Abrham had set a benchmark of sorts by sliding his yellow trunks off his water-slick derrière, Bigg Boss famed star Gautam Gulati has now revived the trend by showing off his skin for his forthcoming reality show BIG F on MTV. ALSO READ: Look! Gautam Gulati caught kissing a mystery gal!

In the promo we see Gautam taking his clothes off slowly and very much seductively, before his hands start roving over his jeans. The racy sequence of events unfolds as a damsel at a swimming pool looks on. Gulati then quickly unbuttons his jeans and pulls it down, before it stars hanging precariously over his bottom. After doing peek-a-boo act Gauti (as he is affectionately addressed) quickly gets hold of his pants and place it firmly…only to make gals go tch tch damn (they surely wish if they could see more)!

Now that Gautam has shown the toned part of his body part he sits on, you tell us if he has a good enough butt to compete with John. And more importantly, do let us know who looks sexier with his clothes off?