Radhika Apte, the bold and beautiful – and very talented – actress of Indian cinema has shed her inhibitions (as far as her physicality is concerned) yet again, and this time it’s for GQ India. Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif had spiced up the GQ India cover for December 2015 with a hot, revealing picture. But looking at these sexy and aesthetic pictures of Radika Apte, we feel she could be competition for Ms Kaif. Take a look at the Ahalya girl’s photos and you shall agree, and drool away!

The actress has been in the news in the past for a set of leaked images where Radhika was seen naked in the shower. The award-winning actress of Hindi, Bengali and south Indian cinema had dismissed those pictures as fake and morphed. Radhika was yet again caught in a similar controversy when a full frontal nudity clip of hers was leaked from Anurag Kashyap short film. (Anurag had praised her for the act.) Radhika had also done a bold act in the movie Badlapur in a scene opposite Varun Dhawan.

For GQ India, Radhika has opted for a mix of bold and stylish. Have a look:

Radhika-Apte 1 GQ

In this sleek burgundy / brown pantsuit, Radhika is all business-like but she prefers to skip the shirt. Her hair covering what may have made the picture vulgar, she looks cool and hot at the same time!

Radhika-Apte 2 GQ

Radhika oozes oomph in a simple black and white picture that is also poignant. But that photo is just a teaser – look ahead!

Radhika-Apte 3 GQ

Radhika reveals more of that trousers, suspenders and bustier in this picture. This is an in-your-face picture. Radhika has shot for two more such pictures for GQ India. (ALSO READ: Radhika Apte: Is the new age Ahalya the next big star of Bollywood?)

Radhika-Apte 4 GQ

We wonder what the unconventionally pretty babe has in store next as far as her boldness is concerned. But rest assured, Radhika is raising the temperatures with this GQ shoot, and it’s much needed for men in this chilly weather!

Radhika-Apte 5 GQ

How to like the hottie’s shoot this time? Let us know if Radhika Apte appeals to you!