Filmmaker Vikram Bhatt has released the trailer of his upcoming thriller film titled Hacked. Featuring Hina Khan and Rohan Shah in the lead, it’s the story of revenge, deceit, obsession and what happens when ‘you lose control.’ Rohan plays the role of a 19-year-old boy who gets obsessed with a woman in her early 30s named Sameera Khanna (Hina’s character) and hacks into her social media accounts to take revenge when she refuses to be in a romantic relationship with him. What ensues is a scary world for Sameera when she realises that she’s being watched all the time. She gets to know that all her private pictures have been leaked on social media, emails are being sent from her accounts without her knowledge and the boy has even accessed the details of her funds and other confidential information.

The trailer promises a lot of excitement, drama and an edge-of-seat thriller. Hina looks promising in the role of a troubled working woman who is being stalked so dangerously that it’s almost unbelievable. However, it’s Rohan’s performance that adds shine to the entire video and leaves the audience curious. Watch the trailer of Hacked here:

Hacked is Hina’s first major mainstream Hindi movie after her successful stint on the small screen. The actor recently went to the Cannes International Film Festival to represent her film Lines which is yet to be released. Hina has got some interesting projects in her timeline and Hacked looks impressive.

The actor has emerged as one of the most sought-after female faces in the country and she enjoys a great fan following on social media. What do you think of her appearance in the trailer of Hacked?