'Hai Apna Dil' song from 'The Xpose': Himesh successfully ruins the classic

The song starts with Himesh Reshammiya entering in a shady street and failing to lip sink (Seriously, what is wrong with his lips!). It seems like he is just pouting all through out the part, though he pouts well. Then comes the Yo Yo Honey Singh  part, this is a slow and wannabe 60’s rap. Yo Yo Honey Singh looks like one those confused guys, who has been shoved in the time machine and transported back to the 60’s. He just doesn’t belong to that era!

This song doesn’t even come close to S. D. Burman’s classic. It just seems like a wannabe version of it, where Himesh plays all cool! How to take something beautiful and ruin it, you can learn this art from Himesh! The song wouldn’t have been that bad, if it wouldn’t have been a rip-off of the old classic.

The song is from movie ‘The Xpose‘ which is Yo Yo Honey Singh’s debut and Himesh’s another attempt at acting. If you have guts or you are one of those Himesh fans, then you can definitely watch this song.

Watch the video here: