Hakka BakkaHakka Bakka song has Sanjay Mishra in Ankhon Dekhi hell bent on believing only that which he can see and will not take the word of people just because it is popular. Throughout his dreary life, Sanjay Mishra playing Raje Bauji has lived in a small house in the older parts of Delhi along with his extended family. Rajat Kapoor is also seen in the song as he plays the sane person as usual in his films which involve utter chaos and ludicrous amounts of well timed comedy.

When Raje Bauji finds out that his daughter is in a relationship with a boy with a dodgy past, they do what any conservative Indian family would do- they go looking for the boy to teach him a lesson and lock up the girl in their house.

There are glimpses of marriage, a guy getting beaten up by Rajat Kapoor, Raje Bauji’s experiments with truth that he wants to witness himself from the roar of a tiger to getting involved in gambling. The song will make you want to crave for the film to be released so that you can watch what leads up to the events of the song.

Here’s the song with all the madness.