Kangana Ranaut is involved in a row with writer Apurva Asrani, who has accused the actress of stealing his credits for their upcoming film, Simran. It all started with the launch of the first poster, which credits Kangana as the ‘additional story and dialogue writer’, while Asrani features as the “story, screenplay and dialogue writer”. But the problem is not that. Apurva does not mind Kangana being named as the ‘additional dialogue writer’, but the fact that she is also sharing the credits as co-writer didn’t go down well with him. So Apurva is fighting to retain his name in the credits after falling out with director of the film Hansal Mehta, who was mum on this issue all this while. But the filmmaker finally took to Twitter and without taking any names made his stand very clear. Here’s what he tweeted:


Soon after the poster launch, Asrani tweeted, “Positioning of credits is at producer/directors discretion. It reflects how much they value writers.” In another tweet, he said, “I am guilty of signing a contract that only protects the producer, because in this case I believed the producer to be my friend.” Apurva Asrani and Hansal Mehta, who have decided to part ways  have previously collaborated on films like Shahid and Aligarh. ALSO READKangana Ranaut gets a legal notice from Ketan Mehta for trying to hijack his film on Rani of Jhansi

Over the weekend, Apurva, who has been sacked as the editor of the film shared the poster of Simran on Facebook, saying he has worked as the “Story, Screenplay and Dialogue writer” in the film. Director Goldie Behl and Saiwyn Quadras tweeted in support of Apurva. While Goldie wrote, “Nice feel @Apurvasrani have heard of additional dialogues but can’t understand ‘additional story’ a story is a story how can you have additional.” To which, Apurva replied, “Thanks @GOLDIEBEHL. I think @mehtahansal is the best person to answer that question.”

Saiwyn wrote, “We are all with you on this. But is there any way in which you can register a stronger complaint? This will set a bad precedent.”

Apurva also spoke to Mumbai Mirror and while he said that Kangana deserved the additional dialogue credit, he was just hurt over the way things were announced. “About the additional dialogue credit, Kangana totally deserves it. She improvised on many of the dialogues and did a remarkable job. There is some hurt over the way things were announced without consulting me. I didn’t know that Hansal had promised Kangana part of the writing credit till I had finished the edit. By the time I got to know, the announcement had been made,” Apurva was quoted by yhr tabloid.