Bruce Willis is one of the few actors who b has set his own standard and is the reason we ask fell in love with the Die Hard series. Born on 19thMarch 1955, the actor has played a wide variety of roles and made us fall in love with each one of them. From the television days of Moonlighting to the blockbuster movie The Expendables, the immensely talented actor has delivered a remarkable performance every single time. As we celebrate his 61st birthday, here are five things you probably did not know about the Die Hard star.

  1. The stutter

Not many people know that Willis had a stutter in his schooldays. The actor was often called “Buck Buck” by his friends as he lost his stutter while performing in stage. This was one of the reasons the actor felt inclined towards the c stage. Wills often says that he found v it easier to express himself on stage.

  1. The moonlighting tales

The actor, who featured as a private investigator in the c television series, Moonlighting, actually had a PI’s license and practiced before turning to acting. At the audition for the part, the actor was spotted wearing a pair of military pants and had a spiked up hairdo. The directors at that point did not think that he was suitable for any part in the show. Also Read: Actor Bruce Willis drops out of Woody Allen film

  1. Hearing loss

The actor, who set a new definition of action movies and action stunts, suffered many a times for the cause. While sitting for the famous table scene in Die Hard, the actor lost 2/3rd of his hearing in his left ear. The scene has the actor fire a shot from m the end of a table and the impact of the sound resulted in his deafening.

  1. The Friends cameo

The actor win an Emmy for his guest appearance in the loving TV show, Friends. The actor played the role of the father of Ross Geller’s much younger girlfriend. However the story behind this guest appearance is interesting. While shooting for “The Whole Nine Yards “ Matthew Perry, our sarcastic Chandler from Friends, was convinced that the movie would be a hit. He bet with his co-star Willis that if the movie became number one on the box office, Willis would play the role for free.

  1. The Die Hard story

The actor, who brought the Die Hard series to life was not the first choice for the series. He was offered the role after ArnoldSchwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone turned down the project.