The stunning Hollywood star Daniel Radcliffe from the Harry Potter series has turned 26 today. The movie gave him fame worldwide. He became a sensational star.

Apart from his movies, Daniel Radcliffe a.k.a. Harry Potter has also a big list of female fans, thanks to his charming looks. There is an unending list of crush. The cute little boy, who was just 11-year-old when he started with Harry Potter movie, is now one of the handsome hunks sporting around with beard. His fan followers are across the globe. (ALSO READ: Daniel Radcliffe raps Eminem’s The Real Slim Shady)

The English gentleman has just turned 26 and he is one of the richest actors of Hollywood. Isn’t that amazing? Daniel has not just amazed the world with the magical wizard character but he has been excellent in other genres too such as romance and thriller. (ALSO READ: Daniel Radcliffe crowned Britain’s Rear Of The Year 2015)

Here is a picture shared by the actor himself on Instagram where his crazy fans have wished him:

A photo posted by Daniel Radcliffe (@dannjradcliffe) on

Daniel’s fan followers have taken to Twitter to wish him on his 26th birthday. Here are some of the tweets:

We do not know what his best friends Tom Felton and Emma Watson (Harry Potter co-stars) have decided to do for him. Let’s us wish the all-rounder Harry Potter star a very Happy Birthday! (Image Credits – Twitter)