People all over the world are celebrating the bond of true friendship. The most sacred bond is celebrated today, August 7 and social media is going gaga as people all around are wishing happy friendship day to their buddies. This day is an important event as all the youngsters shower their never ending love to their chaddi-buddy. ALSO READ: Happy Friendship Day 2016 in Hindi: Best Friendship Day SMS, Quotes, WhatsApp Messages to send Happy Friendship Day wishes!

Friends are for the lifetime but during the entire journey, some friends stay for become strangers while some enemy becomes our best friend. But people are quite lucky if they have a best friend for life. With friends, we share every minute detail and share a lovable bond. We are really blessed to have a special friend – in the form of sister/brother from another mother who is just quite similar to you. ALSO READ: Happy Friendship Day: 7 types of friend you need to unfriend and move on with life!

On this important day, the telly world is also busy wishing their best friends and here we have some popular TV stars who spoke about the importance of best friends in their life and also why this day holds a significance for them? ALSO READ: Happy Friendship Day 2016 Quotes: Best Friendship Day SMS, Shayari, WhatsApp Messages to Wish Happy Friendship Day greetings!

1. Shubangi Atre Poorey : 

The actress who plays the role of Angoori Bhabhi on the most popular show ‘Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai‘ was quoted by an leading entertainment portal saying, “I can say that I am blessed to have a lot of friends in my life who have guided me, helped me become the person that I am today. Even in my show “Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai,” I am surrounded with great people like Aashif ji, Saumya and Rohit ji who have become good friends with me over time and I can call them even at 2 a.m. at night. I always would wish great things for them as they would for me.”

2. Karan Tacker:

The popular heartthrob actor Karan Tacker also spoke about his best friend and the importance of Friendship day in his life. Karan tacker’s bestest friend name is Karan Khurana. The actor spoke about his best friend, Karan and was quoted by an leading entertainment portal saying, “That’s my boy KK- Karan Khurana, and you know one’s your best bud when u can officially embarrass each other !! Well what are best friends for! Lol..” He further added saying”This is one incident where my very well read Friend was put on the spot, to answer “If YES is YES, what is E-Yes.. And he kept saying EEEEYES! Lol.. When it’s actually “EYES” lol.. Good fun!”

3. Saumya Tandon:

The actress plays the role of Anita bhabhi in the popular comic show  ‘Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai‘ spoke about her best friend to an leading entertainment portal, “I made my best friend my life partner and I hope this friendship of ours will survive all ups and downs in our relationship. I value Friendship a lot. In any relationship if you are friends the relation lasts longer, is happier and healthier, be it with your partner, mother, father or sister.”

4. Ratan Rajpoot:

The actress plays the role of Santoshi in the popular show ‘Santoshi Maa’. The gorgeous diva was quoted by an leading entertainment portal saying, “Back in school we used to celebrate friendship day by tying friendship bands. Nowadays I don’t get time to go and actually meet them but I believe it’s a day to remember the friends who have helped you when you needed them and love you just the way you are. I take time to understand people, but now I can comfortably say that my co-star from my show ‘Santoshi Maa,’ Ayaz Ahmed, is a good friend of mine.”

5. Raghav Juyal:

The actor host the dance reality show ‘Dance Plus 2’. Raghav is an Indian dancer and choreographer who rose to fame with his unique dance Slow Motion Walk and became a finalist in Dance India Dance (Season 3). Raghav’s bestest friends are Dharmesh Yelande his young little brother Yashasvi.