Just three days ago, Shah Rukh Khan, the lead man of Raees took to Twitter to issue a stern advice for all his fans. In his baddie avatar, he warned everyone out there to celebrate New Year responsibly. In his short video, which showed Shah Rukh Khan donning the role of Raees Aslam in a setting that looked right out of his upcoming big January 25, 2017 release, SRK asked his fans to do all that they want on New Year’s eve but NO NOT DRINK and DRIVE. He said, “Party Ka mahol hai, khoob party karo, majnu banke Laila ke saath naacho, lekin sharab peeke gaadi mat chalao.”

Now, when SRK tells you something, you just cannot ignore it! Especially, when it makes so much sense and has everything to do with your safety. And now, Shah Rukh Khan has doled out some advice that you need to follow every single day of New Year 2017. The Khan, who will next be seen in a gangster avatar in Raees, urges you to have a bindaas and badass attitude when it comes to reaching your goals and achieving your dreams in the New Year. In a twitter post wishing all his fans, Shah Rukh Khan posted a message that we all need to follow!

SRK said, “What ever it is you stopped from doing last year, do it in 2017. Love, Family, Job whatever! If it scares you, do it more and you will be happier. Happy New Year to all!” The superstar is known to be an achiever and perhaps he just revealed his success mantra to all his fans to be as amazingly successful as him! The message is all about taking and giving second chances. It is all about trying again and not letting failure defeat you or your determination. The actor who is loved for his oratory skills has in just a few words has beautifully told us the secret to own 2017! (ALSO READ: Raees Shah Rukh Khan’s New Year 2017 gift for Bollywood fans! Unveils the first look of Mariyappan Thangavelu biopic)

We are sure his fans will take Shah Rukh Khan’s advice seriously to reach defeat the lowest of lows and reach the highest of highs in their lives. We wish SRK has a wonderful 2017 as well and his film Raees, which is undoubtedly one of the most awaited films of 2017, does amazing business at the box office and creates history! The film, which also stars Pakistani actress Mahira Khan as the female lead and Sunny Leone in a very hot item number, will release in theatres on January 25, 2017. (ALSO READ: Raees Shah Rukh Khan is feeling nostlagic! Check out why!)