Make Pookalam, eat Sadya, sing, dance, and spread joy everywhere because the vibrant festival of Onam is here! This harvest festival which is celebrated in respect of King Mahabali, is the most loved and famous festival of Kerala. And today being the most significant of all the 10 days, the fun and excitement among the Malayalees is double. The atmosphere in Kerala right now is manic, and people are overwhelming with enthusiasm and happiness. (ALSO READ: Onam 2015: Know everything about the flavours of Malayalee festival)

People are wishing each other on this beautiful festival and Happy Onam is trending on top in Twitter. And big personalities like Narendra Modi and Amitabh Bachchan have wished everyone on this joyous occasion.

Here is what they have tweeted:










Hope you all are celebrating Onam with great zest today. Happy Onam to all and may this festival bring you all the prosperity and happiness in this world.