At Harvey Weinstein‘s rape trial on Wednesday, Lauren Young, the sixth woman who accused him of sexual misconduct, testified in the Manhatten court. She said the film producer ‘trapped her’ inside the bathroom of a hotel room, ‘groped her breast’ and ‘masturbated.’

The 30-year-old model, who is not a part of the criminal charges against the influential Hollywood producer, was called by the prosecutors to strengthen their case. Young told the jurors that she met actor Claudia Salinas at the Oscars dinner in 2012 after which she invited her to a meeting with Weinstein at Beverly Hills hotel in February 2013. The model added that she went in hoping she could pitch a script to the popular Hollywood producer. She said after meeting her in the lobby of the hotel, Weinstein told her and Salinas that he needed to dress up to receive an award and they could follow him to his hotel suite.

Young said she followed Weinstein through a bedroom in the suite to a bathroom while Salinas was walking behind her. She added that Salinas closed the door and left her alone with the producer inside the bathroom after which he undressed in the shower, pushed her towards the basin, unzipped her dress and groped her breast.

Young said Weinstein told her that ‘we’re just going to have a talk here’ and started masturbating while touching her breast with one hand. She said she kept saying ‘no’ and told him she had a boyfriend and she didn’t like what was happening but Weinstein said, “This is what all the actresses do to make it.” Young said he didn’t let go of her until he ejaculated and left while she stayed back behind ‘in shock.’ “I felt so trapped and I was in shock. I just couldn’t believe what was happening,” Young testified.

The Weinstein case is seen as a milestone in the #MeToo movement under which women all across the world have spoken out against influential men in business, media, politics and entertainment, who abused them sexually at a point in life. More than 80 women since 2017 have accused Weinstein of sexual misconduct while the 67-year-old producer has pleaded not guilty to raping Jessica Mann and assaulting his former production assistant Mimi Haleyi.