Much like most of the erotic thrillers the Bollywood film industry churns out, director Vishal Pandya’s Hate Story 3 fails to thrill. It does titillate though, chiefly. With scenes showcasing at least one of the bombshells (we can use that term brazenly even for Karan Singh Grover, given his inclination to drop his clothes and bare the hot stuff beneath to satiate eyeballs) posing in her bare avatar, this erotic thriller provides enough skin show.

While Sharman Joshi tries hard to pull off something which he probably never tried in his career before, the rest of the star cast, including Zareen Khan, Daisy Shah and and KSG invest equal amount of effort, sincerity, energy and time in shedding their clothes to make an impact. But what the trio achieves with their clothes off, Joshi fetches the same with his clothes and expressions intact. There’s the reason why we are getting into the specifics of the skin show here.

Pandya reminds you constantly that his movie Hate Story 3 is an ‘erotic’ drama and so skin show is the only unique selling point (USP) of the tale. The director often converts that USP into an indulgence of sorts quite liberally. So much so that, while the audiences gets to witness a record number of twists and turns (did someone say Race?), they also get to see at least one half-naked bod in every second frame of Hate Story 3.

Yes, there’s drama (read: hysteria), revenge and vengeance in Hate Story 3, but nothing is as intensely captured as the ‘obvious’ emotion the film thrives on and provokes with at the same time.

Kicked off by director Vivek Agnihotri in 2012, the Hate Story franchise has come to signify the erotic genre in Bollywood. Sadly, but matter-of-factly, with every new instalment the franchise has not managed to evolve in terms of the content and the much-needed thrill quotient.

Pandya too serves predictable fare on the platter in Hate Story 3. There’s nothing in the movie that makes you jump out of your skin, even though every actor jumps out of their clothes to show skin! The story, the characters and the screenplay of Hate Story 3 serve as mere props for the erotica.

Verdict: The plot of Hate Story 3 looks promising on paper, but on celluloid, you see very little substance. The movie had the potential to offer more, much more, in terms of greys – manipulations and manoeuvres. Unfortunately, the haste to show sensuality and oomph kills the real ‘mood’ of Hate Story 3 – that of vengeance.

Rating: 2.5 stars | Edited by Shweta Parande.