Meena Kumari, whose original name is Mehajabeen Naaz, is better known as the tragedy queen-an artist who specialises in tragic roles. The actress made her acting debut at the age of 7, as a child actor in Farzande Watan. She essayed the role of a daughter of Jairaj Singh in the movie. The actress’ life was filled with sadness, be it on-screen or off-screen. From early life struggles, failed relationships to various compromises in life, the actress was a tragedy queen in the real sense. But once she made her entry into the film industry, there was no looking back for the actress. August 1 marks the 85th birth anniversary of the legendary actress Meena Kumari, television celebrities speak about their love for the actress.

Tejaswi Prakash

Meena Kumari is an inspiration. She is the only heroine to have all the nominations in the Filmfare awards. She was called the Chinese doll with her droop of curl dropping on her face, combined with an anguish-laden voice. Even her portrait speaks a lot. I wish to get those gestures from her.

Helly Shah

There is so much to learn from the legendary actress Meena Kumari. She is certainly my inspiration. As an artist, I want to act like her, the way she used to impress everyone with her brilliant performance. She was addicted to books. She used to enjoy reading books and writing poems and ghazals. I can’t relate myself to her but having mutual hobbies with a human being like her makes me blush.

Amrapali Gupta

I vividly remember, during my childhood when Meena Kumari’s movie or her mythological shows use to air on screen, I used to watch her act and then try to copy her. Meena Kumari, who had once become a regular face in Hindu mythological shows as she used to play Hindu goddess in most of these shows, really inspired me a lot. Her acting, gestures and the way she carries herself is even exclusive today.

Devoleena Bhattacharjee

Meena Kumari has to be an inspiration for all of us. Her seductive voice and charismatic screen presence captured millions of hearts. From passion, romance, love, success to tragedy – she witnessed all of these in her real life too. Her work even today is challenging the Bollywood screen.

Mahika Sharma

I can’t think of relating myself with the beauty and talent queen Meena Kumari but I have read about the actress which made me feel we are quite similar. The legend was not a party person and so am I. She had been described as she used to get bored at such events, so do I. I also read she had decorated her house mostly with white objects and used to love white outfits and even I love white. When you can relate to someone, you admire that person as it gives you happiness. She is really inspiring.

Yuvika Chaudhary

Meena Kumari, who is an inspiration to every female Indian actress, has taught us that even an actress owns liberty and democracy in showbiz. She made it pretty clear that without heroines, a movie is baseless, as they are the ones who own all the emotions — love, romance or anything for that matter. I am a great fan of her songs, especially Ajeeb Dastan Hai Yeh.

Meena has won four Filmfare Awards. She was also a prolific poet and penned an album titled ‘I write, I recite with Khayyam’. Most importantly, the legendary actress has been an inspiration to many from the industry.

Edited By – Leona Nathan