Have you ever heard of any song or rap that is for the protection of environment? Here is a bunch of kids who are keen to save Mother Nature and wants even the rest of the world to do the same. These adorable school kids have sought of new method to explain the world on the importance of saving the environment. They have done it so well that even Bollywood’s superstar Aamir Khan is super impressed!

The school students from Dehradun Boys School and Doon Girls School have created a rap song titled Recycle Rap and it is mind blowing. This rap song will clearly convey how important it is to adapt the method recycling the waste products and protect Mother Nature. It is not just for the present but the habit of recycling will help in keeping the environment clean and green even in the future.

This amazing mini hip hop group is fondly called as the Waste Warriors, reports India Today. Here is the amazing message by Aamir Khan posted on the micro-blogging site Twitter: (ALSO WATCH: Watch what happened when a girl asked series of men to rub her back with sunscreen lotion)

The Canadian street artists Pan Trinity Das and Kyrie Maezumi who interviewed this crew have shared some images and a mini-clip on the picture sharing site Instagram. (ALSO READ: Do you remember the commercial in which Aamir Khan was featured with Aishwarya Rai and Mahima Chaudhry?)




So if you haven’t watched this amazing environment concerned rap yet, you should check it out that is linked in the player below. Watch it and let us know how you found this fabulous nature rap song!