‘Dear Zindagi’ is just few days away and it has raised up the expectations of the fans like anything! The movie that will be released on November 25, is directed by Gauri Shinde. Gauri was praised by the audience and the critics when she debuted with her first movie English Vinglish. Dear Zindagi is just her second movie with such wonderful actors including Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt. This is not the first time that Shah Rukh Khan is working with a women director. Earlier too he had done several movies with different female directors and he has loved them all. What is Shah Rukh Khan’s take on working with the females of the industry? Read ahead to know more!

SRK has always been loved by the females of the industry thus, directing him has always been a bliss for them. And there, the Baadshah also feels the same! As reported in TOI, the Dear Zindagi actor said, “I’ve always enjoyed making films with women directors. I think their sensibility is a little effeminate. I use this word because I see men around who are also like that, perhaps including myself. You don’t need to be effeminate physically; it’s just the sensitivity that’s there. I’ve been brought up that way and I believe that the harshest and toughest of women have the gentlest of hearts.”

Earlier, the dimpled super star has also worked with Hema Malini who directed him in their movie, Dil Aashna Hai. he also gave blockbusters with the choreographer-director Farah Khan with movies like Main Hoon Na, Om Shanti Om and Happy New Year. Now the third film with this commercially and critically loved Gauri Shinde also looks an amazing film that will rock the silver screen! (ALSO READ: Shah Rukh Khan retracts from his statement about Alia Bhatt, says she is NOT too good, too soon (watch video))

As the B-town’s King Khan is playing a life coach to the character of Alia Bhatt, it will be interesting to see this beautiful and unique chemistry between both fantastic actors. Talking about the film, Shah Rukh Khan says, ” This is not a film about women, it could be about anyone. We deal with relationships every day — with friends, parents, boyfriends. I think when we are dealing with such issues, a woman feels it more and can express it vividly.” Well, we really liked the way SRK understands the ways of a woman’s life so well! (ALSO READ: Shah Rukh Khan birthday special: 6 best roles when King Khan won our hearts with his performance!)

Earlier too SRK has been showering praises about his female friends and co-actors in the industry. Here are some of those beautiful words said by Shah Rukh Khan about the lovely ladies of our tinsel town!

Shah Rukh Khan about Alia Bhatt (Dear Zindagi): “Alia is one of the finest actors of the generation. Alia is too good too soon. I don’t want her to get trapped in just doing great acting without experiencing everything in Indian cinema. If you become too good too soon, you may have inhibitions being bad at times. It’s really wonderful to be bad at times.”

Shah Rukh Khan about Kajol (Dilwale): “I miss Kajol in every film. With this film she gave us 150 days. She had to be away from her children and I know it is a huge sacrifice for a parent. Kajol is not technical, she is an honest actor and that’s a great quality. My daughter (Suhana) wants to become an actress and I would want her to learn that. I hope I learn that from Kajol. I can’t explain but she is something else on screen.”

Shah Rukh Khan about Gauri Shinde (Dear Zindagi): “We live in a man’s world unfortunately and we talk about feminism and women empowerment but the beauty of this film is that it has been made by some very confident women.”

Shah Rukh Khan about Juhi Chawla: “There’s lot of love, respect an appreciation. When I was new in the industry, Juhi and her family have looked after me and they have been very kind to me. I think we are very very close close close close friends! I told her never to leave my side even if I misbehave publicly sometimes!”

Shah Rukh Khan about Hema Malini: “Whatever I am today, it is only because of this beautiful lady. I would like thank her for it. And I cannot tell you there have been so many instances where that I have done wrong and the one person who really guided me every time I made a mistake was Hema ji. Everything I have, my wife, my happiness, my children is because of you Hema ji.”

Shah Rukh Khan about Priyanka Chopra: “I am extremely, extremely, extremely fond of her and I have a huge amount of genuine love and respect for her talent. She is really talented as an actor and I am not saying it because she is sitting here. I like learning from actors who know more than me; Priyanka is one of them. She is one of those actors who knows more than me in her own way. But she is not over-smart. She knows everything; yet there is a naivete about her that I find endearing and interesting.” (ALSO READ: The Kapil Sharma Show: When Shah Rukh Khan made Alia Bhatt blush with his signature DDLJ move! (see picture))

Well, the the superstar of tinsel town surely knows how to win the hearts of the women in bollywood. We now know what makes the women in the industry respect and love this king of Bollywood so much! It is also interesting to see how SRK has always supported women empowerment in the industry. The actor who himself is showered by praises from people all over the world, is so humble when it comes to women.

Meanwhile, Dear Zindagi really looks amazing with its takes (promos) and songs are going super hit day by day. We will see Shah Rukh Khan working with a female director again and as the history conveys, we are sure that this movie too will be loved by his fans world wide!