With three interesting films releasing this weekend, cinegoers are having a range of choices at the cinema hall.Nab Takna Patekar will make his fiery presence felt with Ab Tak Chhappan 2 and we are looking forward to that one pretty eagerly. After the debacle of Hawaizaada, Ayushmann Khurrana will try to bounce back with the promising looking  Dum Laga Ke Haisha with debutante Bhumi Pednekar. And the you have Ganesh Acharya’s Hey Bro. We were curious to know what the storyline of this comedy is all about. Here’s what we unearthed from our sources.

Hey Bro” is a comedy action drama film that depicts the journey of the very cute, innocent and loveable Gopi  (Ganesh Acharya) from a small village in Rajasthan to Mumbai in search of his Twin brother (Maninder) and  mother (Indrani) separated from him at birth. He doesn’t have an address or any picture of his brother & mother, but to fulfil his Dadaji (Prem Chopra) wish; he leaves the village in their search with his “own picture” naively believing that his brother would look “just like him” as “twins always do”, coz he had seen that in a lot of movies.

What follows is a roller coaster ride of fun, comedy & entertainment. The “hunt” for his brother lands the “bhola” Gopi, in a lot of crazy situations, the wrong side of law as well as a law breaker “Land Mafia Don” Baba (Hanif Hilal).

How Gopi gets out of those situations, escapes from the clutches of the villain, finds his brother SHIV & mother, plays cupid between his brother and  the beautiful & sexy Anjali (Nupur Sharma), & finally re-unites the entire family, is one hilarious, funny yet emotional and entertaining experience. Hey ing tagline bro will try to live up to its promising tagline judwaa with a twist.

Now you tell us Indians which film are you looking forward to catch this weekend?