Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner is now gearing up for the release of her next film titled X-Men: Dark Phoenix. The promotional duties for the film took the actor to South Korea where she talked about many things associated with the film. One of them was dealing with mental issues and depression. She especially talked about how society has been regressive in treating men and their stories of mental illness. She said that there’s a culture of telling men all over the world that they can’t express their emotions or can’t cry in front of others. Sophie talked about the general stigma and went on to stay that men have been conditioned to believe that their emotions are an attack on their masculinity and therefore, they are ‘expected to keep their emotions subdued.’

The actor plays the character of Jean Grey and also her alter ego, Phoenix, in the film. Adding more, she said depression is more common in men because they feel ‘ashamed’ to talk about it. She was quoted saying, “Depression is one of the biggest killers in (a) man and (that is) because I think men are told to be a strong, manly, unemotional figure who can’t cry, who just has to be a symbol of strength.” Sophie, whose performance as Sansa Stark in the HBO magnum opus was appreciated widely, also said there’s a high need for men to take control of their emotions. She further said ’emotions make you stronger,’ and stressed on the need to ’embrace and not reject’ them.

Actor Evan Peters, who plays the lead in the film along with Sophie, talked about the importance of letting out emotions. He said emotions are not meant to be caged inside you but they should be allowed to come out. He said, “Channeling anger is the greatest thing ever because if you don’t let it, emotions will get you.”

Meanwhile, Dark Phoenix is believed to be the final part of the X-Men series. However, Sophie refused to give away that detail. In the same interaction with the media, she said that the film has got an amazing ending but she isn’t sure if that’s the ending to the series.