Recently, Hrithik Roshan had had an interesting project at hand, with the Anand Kumar biopic tentatively titled Super 30. Even though he wasn’t willing to confirm or deny any reports, he had presumably started the prep for the role, and had even met Anand Kumar for the same. However, fresh reports in Mid Day suggest that Hrithik has politely opted out of the project as the final script didn’t live up to his expectations.

Of course it’s okay turn down scripts, however, we can’t help but notice how curious it is that it all happened after Kangana Ranaut‘s infamous revelations about her affair with Hrithik. But how is this connected? Well, the Anand Kumar biopic is to be helmed by Vikas Bahl, the man who catapulted Kangana to stardom with Queen. Perhaps Hrithik thought it complicated to let alone have Vikas, but have anything in common anymore with Kangana at the moment.

When Hrithik was recently asked about the Anand Kumar biopic, he neither confirmed nor denied signing the film as he said, “If an opportunity presents itself (to narrate such stories) then it’s great. I think cinema is a fantastic medium to bring out stories that are inspiring and empowering. I am still in discussions for the film on him (Kumar). It’s not official but as soon as it will be, I will let you know.”

Only recently had Anand Kumar posted a picture with Hrithik as he came to meet him to know him better before playing him onscreen, which means he was that close to do the film. Though the 43-year-old superstar refrains from talking about the project, when asked if the prep work has already started for the movie, he said, “I have not signed the film. I will only be able to talk about it once it’s all official.”