Fawad Khan starrer drama on Zee Television’s Zindagi channel, Humsafar has taken an interesting turn. In it’s complexity and amidst the various ramifications of the  current situation where Asher is reluctant to marry Khirad, the latter loses her mother to cancer. The third episode saw Khirad’s mother wants to see her daughter married before she bids adieu to the world. A quick Nikah is then arranged by Asher’s father Basheerat to make sure that his sister sees the significant ceremony-and she is ensured that her daughter is in safe hands-before she dies.

As you would know Farida, who has been extremely possessive about her son Asher so far, lashed out at Baseerat, begging him to reconsider about his son’s marriage to Khirad. Baseerat threatens his wife with divorce if she interferes in this situation. Now she has no choice but to comply with her mother’s last wish. In the meantime Sara’s obsession for Asher reaches crazy heights. The sophisticated lady tries to commit suicide but thankfully she is saved.

Asher and Khirad are married with a simple Nikah (official marriage agreement). After her mother’s Khirad is depressed. Both Asher and Khirad now feel that they have been forced on each other-by the cicumstances. Neither are happy about the union, Will this Nikah work or will it remain just a formality to keep a promise made by Basheerat to his sister? You have to watch the next episode to find out more about it.