Actors, artists (painters) and performers are known to be slightly eccentric, and some are borderline schizophrenic, if there is such a term. Even if they are not that crazy, actors, with the variety of roles they have to portray on screen and also wear a mask in real life everywhere, are in serious danger of going schizophrenic or developing multiple personality disorder (MPD). Now, believe it or not, Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan has revealed that he is “100 percent schizophrenic”. No kidding! The actor was talking to film critic and anchor Anupama Chopra on her Film Companion show Beneath the Surface, when he disclosed the details. He may be kidding a bit, but Anupaman Chopra and Shah Rukh did talk about how when poet and scriptwriter Javed Akhtar calls him on the phone, he asks, “How is Shah Rukh Khan 2?” SHOCKING! Isn’t it?

Well, we remember actor Jackie Shroff saying at an event for Shah Rukh Khan’s film Happy New Year two years ago, that SRK is “Bahot akela” – meaning he is really lonely. Imagine being lonely when you have the world at your feet! We feel so sad for SRK. Sigh! But by akela, we think Jaggu Dada, who also starred with Shah Rukh Khan in Devdas, among other films, simply meant that SRK was an introvert. We hope that is what he meant!

Shah Rukh Khan revealed on Beneath the Surface – Part 4 that while shooting his 2016 film FAN, he felt schizophrenic. But that is also because in FAN, he has a double role. He plays a Bollywood superstar who is a lot like him, and then he plays a crazy fan of his who apes everything about him and in the end wants to kill him! Shooting for FAN really made SRK go crazy and on top of it, the film did not make too much money at the box office. So, he was bound to have some mental health issues. ALSO READ: The Definitive FAN Movie Review

But the rest of the Beneath the Surface interview is a lot of fun, with Shah Rukh Khan talking about how he is a closet drag pole dancer! LOL. That was in reference to his drag act with Ranbir Kapoor on stage at an awards show, an act that has gone viral on YouTube. How embarrassing! But it comes with the territory of being an actor and a star, feels Shah Rukh Khan.

The Dear Zindagi star lovingly jokes and shows his usual sense of humour to Anupama, saying how he stops himself from expressing so many thinks because people in his family ask him to. People in today’s world have lost their sense of humour and are touchy about a lot of things, feels SRK – and we so agree! With the advent of social media, haters and abuse are more rampant and there is less humour in life.

With so much negativity around, who better than Shah Rukh Khan to cheer you up! And he definitely does that with his wit in this priceless Beneath the Surface – Part 4 video. Watch it here for sure!

And schizophrenic or not, we love you, Shah Rukh Khan! (ALSO SEE: Shah Rukh Khan – Beneath the Surface – Part 1)