Actor Ben Affleck started off in showbiz as a child, but feels glad he didn’t get famous back then.

Now 44, Affleck spoke about his days as a child actor, on “The Tonight Show”, reports

“I did do some child acting. Luckily, I didn’t end up on a show and get famous and go on crack and get crazy. I had a normal childhood. My mother let me go do this thing and then forced me to come home. It was a series called ‘Voyage of the Mimi’. It was for kids. Educational, kind of,” he said.

“It combined science and math topics with an interesting adventure that a young man took with scientists,” Affleck added.

“I still feel like I have to pitch it!”

Affleck found it “was a lot of fun”.

“We had a good time,” he said.

“Voyage of the Mimi”, a 13-episode series aired in 1984, and 30 years later, it was released digitally.