Four days of speculations over Ileana D’Cruz‘ pregnancy and her first child with husband Andrew Kneebone have finally come to an end. The actress has used another beautiful picture of her, clicked by her talented photographer main man to quash all that was being said about her being pregnant. The speculations started when a tabloid reported that the actress is expecting and that’s why was seen wearing loose clothing throughout the promotions of Raid with Ajay Devgn. Her picture in a bathtub and Andrew’s caption, “alone time, not really,” fanned the rumours further.

Just two days ago, she posted yet another picture, which was just about how she is a rebel and loves to break rules, was again viral on the internet, with people trying hard to see her baby bump in it. Some even spotted the bump, without even realising that when you tell a woman who is not pregnant that you can see her baby bump, that just means that you are calling her unfit with some extra fat around her waist. Perhaps, Ileana’s next photo, which she captioned, “Inhale the good sh*t— —Exhale the bullsh*t,” was just that. Telling people how all that was being said about her being pregnant was nothing else but a whole lot of c**p. And now, we finally have a picture with the hashtag #NotPregnant so that all those who are still spending sleepless nights wondering if Ileana is beoming a mommy or no, can spend a good weekend. BTW, they quashed the pregnancy rumours earlier as well, but no one noticed.

Check out Ileana D’Cruz and husband Andrew Kneebone’s clarification about being pregnant

#notpregnant 🙏🏼 📷@andrewkneebonephotography ♥️

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Ileana finally breaks her silence over pregnancy rumours

Inhale the good sh*t— —Exhale the bullsh*t. 📷 @andrewkneebonephotographyA post shared by Ileana D’Cruz (@ileana_official) on

How Ileana kept her calm while people speculated

The picture where some spotted a baby bump

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The click that started it all

“Art” ™

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The picture with which they tried to quash the rumours in an arty, subtle way

So now that we know that Ileana is not pregnant and no where close to delivering first baby with husband Andrew Kneebone, let’s hope the speculations stop and do not start again after a few months. Let’s also hope that over creative people take a break from thinking that women wear loose clothing only when they are pregnant.