India’s Got Talent 6‘s first episode took off last week. The latest season will also have Kirron Kher, Malaika Arora Khan and Karan Johar as the judges. Kirron has always been a weak-hearted judge and you would often see her shouting or hiding as contestants perform some scary act in the last season. With the sixth season, Malaika seems to have joined hands with Anupam Kher’s dearest wife in the act. As few contestants came in to perform some wacky and intrepid acts, Kirron and Malaika go on a shouting spree with Karan watching them with utmost surprise.

Besides, the trio have been seen passing rude comments at contestants whose act was not worth consideration. A guy came over to perform a Gobar dance, another contestant presented his unusual skill of making all sorts of funny faces and so on. Kirron snapped at them saying, “Ye koi talent hai.” Well, it is understood that the judges have to go through a lot of pain watching the stupid contestants do nonsensical acts. But, their rude comments can break someone’s moral and demotivate them.

Moreover, when you judge a talent show, you have to be brave enough to watch the most adventurous act with utmost patience. It requires lot of strength to judge such acts, where people risk their lives just to prove their talent. Do you think Malaika and Kirron are fair judges for India’s Got Talent? Do you think they must tone down their rude behaviour? If they really have problems watching violent acts, they can very set a limitation for the show to make sure such contestants don’t apply for the show in the first place?