Bollywood actor-producer and singer Farhan Akhtar has paid a special tribute to women on International Women’s Day (March 8) in the form of a new song he has composed. Inspired by his daughter Akira’s drawing, the song, We All Are on the Goodside, was released in iTunes and shared by Farhan on Twitter. “Here’s a song we created in hope for an equal world for all.. Inspired by my 9 year old, Akira. Happy Women’s Day,” said Farhan on Twitter. He also added a special Women’s Day message, saying, “On this Women’s Day, let’s deepen our resolve to create a world in which all women can live with equality, freedom and dignity.”

Farhan has been in the forefront of women’s empowerment with his initiative MARD (Men Against Rape and Discrimination) and also through his TV series Main Kuch Bhi Kar Sakti Hoon. He is also an ambassador for UN Women. And now, the Rock On!! star and his Farout Media company has collaborated with music composer Kalyan Baruah for the Women’s Day special song We All Are on the Goodside. You can buy the song here on iTunes.

On March 5, Farhan had announced his special tribute for Women’s Day on Twitter with the words, “Will be sharing something special with you all soon.. @AppleMusic #WeallareontheGoodside #March8 #WomensDay”. As you can see from the image Farhan tweeted of the cover art of We are all on the Goodside, the inspiration for the song came from his daughter Akira’s drawing.

Farhan said in a statement, “Women’s Day was initiated as a day to focus on the pressing issues that affect half the population of our world. Although each day is an opportunity to deal with these issues, we should use this dedicated day as a milestone to measure how much progress has been made since the previous year. For me, it is an honour to be part of this global movement and to stand shoulder to shoulder with fiercely committed women and men. This year we’re releasing a song with Farout Media, the song We All Are On The Goodside that celebrates an equal world for all. The world as a child sees it before the corruption of prejudice and divide based on gender, race or colour, are planted in the mind. A world in which ‘We all are on the GoodSide’.”

Farhan makes it a point to spread his message of women’s empowerment through his ‘Farhan Live’ rock concerts in colleges. The actor-filmmaker-singer has also come together with actress-singer Shruti Haasan and music composers Ehsaan and Loy for the song My Day in the Sun.​ Way to go, Farhan! We really appreciate your efforts to raise awareness about women’s safety and empowerment.