Only Christopher Nolan can spin your head at 67 to 68 RPM and still manage to dock the story to your head. Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway pull off fabulous performances with the exceptional as always Michael Caine along with David Gyasi and Wes Bentley. The Earth has been affected with blight making human survival difficult and the current generation has become one that seeks to ride out the distressful years with the hope that times will change and the next generation will live a better life.

Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway pioneer the space exploration programme to search for other realms in space to inhabit for the continuation of the human race because the condition on Earth will only deteriorate further. They use a wormhole to accelerate the speed of space exploration in response to previously sent manned shuttles with promising results.

The scenes are shot impeccably, the screenplay is brilliant, some of the technology and incidents during the movie are so ahead of our times that it gives you the urge to stand up and applaud the thought and efforts put in to execute them. Smart robots that go beyond the conventional artificial intelligence that we have seen in reality or in films in the movie add a lot of character to their roles, almost personifying them till the point of ultimate sacrifice differentiates the humans from the machines.

A flat beach with towering waves, a planet so cold that the clouds have frozen and a planet where time moves so fast that spending and hour on it is equal to spending seven years on Earth. The space explorers enter a black hole and somehow survive it. The sheer audacity and bravery to pull off the idea about a black hole, where no man has gone before, and surviving it is worthy of an award. The fifth dimension of space explained with the use of a little girl’s bedroom and the ghost that was thought to be the figment of that girl’s imagination ultimately leads to the biggest discovery in the history of mankind.

Christopher Nolan can take a bow for the amazing film he has directed. There are sci-fi movies like Avatar that blow your mind away and convince you about the elements of a whole new world within the span of a movie and then there’s Interstellar, which can’t be compared by any means, but this film is in a league of its own and you need to watch it now.

Rating – 4 stars