Big events demand everything BIGG! With Indian Premier League aka IPL drawing curtains on its 8th edition we can imagine only the best that this game demands. Bigger stage, bigger audience, biggest possible coverage with the biggest experts doing the analysis. It is the Mumbai Indians Vs Chennai Super Kings, and we expect nothing the but best. So for tonight’s gala we employed our hyperactive creative mind and entertained this thought–what if we replace the de regueur  blondes with some of the hottest names in B-town as the cheer-girls. From Sunny Leone to Poonam Pandey and from Rakhi Sawant to Veena Malik–we entertain the possibility of controversy’s favourite child (re: children) tomtoming and cheering on for their favourite team. Take a look at our chart and tell us who will SCORE better with their hotness quotient.

Sunny Leone: She has got the moves, got the required sex appeal and tremendous spunk. Going by the way she showed us how she gyrates around the pole during her stay in Bigg Boss’ house we are sure Sunny will keep the audiences entertained.

Her USP: Hot bod, oh-so-gorgeous face and her ‘colourful’ portfolio

Red alert: With Sunny showing off her hot ‘stuff’ will the match be still on, one wonders! (ALSO READ:Sunny Leone and Ranvijay Singh to steam it up in Goa for MTV Splitsvilla 8 (View pics!)


Poonam Pandey: Miss Pandey’s connection with cricket is quite concrete. With her notorious itch for dropping  clothes the moment her favourite cricketer scores a century, Poonam will certainly be a top draw at the IPL.

Her USP: She is wild and can go to any length (and breadth) to give countless twitter moments. Check out her Twitter page and you will know the visual overload she can create with her daredevilry

Red Alert: It will really difficult for Miss Pandey to retain clothes! Blame it on the sweltering Indian summer folks!


Rakhi Sawant: She can create a mass hysteria with her  loud presence. Rakhi will make sure that cameras are fixated on her and not on the game.

Her USP: She is wild, crazy and blessed with electrifying energy. Her thumkas and matkas will give an seasoned cheerleader a run for money

Red Alert: Rakhi is a loud mouth. She is capable of blowing lids off most fiercely guarded secrets. It will be a task to control this motor-mouth.


 Sherlyn Chopra: With a Playboy mate making her sizzling presence felt bouncing gleefully at the final, mercury will only soar. Chopra babe should not itimidate audiences with her daringly short skirt though!

Her USP: Sherlyn can seduce our cricketers as well as the audience with her….charm!

Red Alert: Chopra should remind herself time and again that she is at the stadium and not at the sprawling mansion of Hugh Heifner

Veena Malik: Given her oomphalicious magazine covers, Malik will certainly be a, ahem, GRAND draw at the IPL final with her,errr, tom-tomming.

Her USP: She is the Rakhi Sawant Mumbai imported from Pakistan. So you what to expect folks!

Red Alert! We certainly don’t want one more shaadi (re: Swayamvar) tamasha unfolding in the middle of the final game!