It appears actress Tanushree Dutta’s sexual harassment allegation against actor Nana Patekar has opened the floodgates, as now a good number of Bollywood celebrities have come forward to share their own experiences and also name the culprits. Among the stars who shared their ordeal were actresses like Pooja Bhatt and Kangana Ranaut. With the #MeToo movement seeming to gain traction in India, the skeletons are falling out of the closet.

While many shared their views about the Tanushree-Nana controversy, filmmaker Apurva Asrani was more concerned about the people who will quit social media in the coming days over the accusations that are being made. The only twist here is that Apurva’s tweet seems to be targeting actress Sonam Kapoor and her decision to take a break from Twitter, as according to her it has become ‘too negative’. Check out Apurva’s tweet:

Sonam had on October 6 tweeted that she is taking a break from Twitter, a decision believed to have been influenced by a man putting her down after she commented about the bad roads and pollution in Mumbai. The tweet, given below, is still the last one that can be seen on her page.

Apurva, who is also an influential voice in the fight for equal rights for the LGBTQ in India, began his career in 1995 as an assistant on the popular Bollywood countdown show Bpl Oye! on Channel [V].

About the #MeToo movement, it started as a movement against sexual harassment and sexual assault, and it came into prominence last year after the sexual misconduct allegations against former Hollywood movie producer Harvey Weinstein. The term ‘Me Too’ had been used by American social activist Tarana Burke as early as 2006, and it was later popularized by American actress Alyssa Milano, on Twitter in 2017.