New Delhi, October 22: Dussehra has always been a festival for us, in which truth wins over lies. We as kids have heard stories from our grandparents about Ramayana and Ram. Each year we have seen someone dressed as Rawan roaming in the field where the effigy of the devil king is burnt, along with crackers. This year, what we can see is famous bollywood actor Shakti Kapoor is dressed as Rawan in Red fort. Wait, did I say Shakti Kapoor!

I too can’t believe what is going on. And yes, the famous antagonist actor was seen dressed as Rawan in the fields of Red Fort in New Delhi where more than 10,000 spectators have reached to see the Ram Lila, organised on Dussehra. What amazes more, is the way he is presenting himself. Most of the characters being played by Kapoor has been a negative one. So let me guess, Does it surprise, if he plays a character of Rawan in a Ramayana play?

Known for his robust acting and his patent — ‘AwwWs’, the actor was much popular among the masses and had played numerous characters in movies like Coolie no.1, Raja Babu, Andaz Apna Apna and many more. For the new generation who are in their mid 30s, they can associate the actor with their childhood movies playing supportive roles with actor Govinda. Who might have expected him as Rawan, performing live at Red Fort on Dussehra! We are amazed too. The actor has been in controversy too for his actions sometime ago. But, when his daughter Shraddha Kapoor is gaining popularity in Bollywood these days, we are in doubt is he playing these characters by choice or by chance. Anyways Happy Dussehra.