Actress Jada Pinkett Smith doesn’t have a problem with strip clubs. The “Collateral” actress, who is married to actor Will Smith, claims she has never been to one before, but doesn’t think there is anything wrong with adult entertainment, reports “I’ve never been to a male strip club. Adult entertainment, when you think about it, is kind of a dirty word,” said the 43-year-old star.

“There’s no reason adult entertainment can’t be celebratory… it’s about exploration. (The movie) rejuvenated my energy and spirit,” she added. Smith stars as an MC at a stripper convention in Gregory Jacobs’ comedy-drama film “Magic Mike XXL” and credits co-star Channing Tatum for giving her a new perspective on the idea.”I got to this convention with hundreds of women and there was a solidarity between us that I had never felt before. We had some fine-ass men to entertain us and make us feel good about ourselves,” she said.

Despite having no issues with strippers, Jada doesn’t think her children, Jaden, 16, and Willow, 14, will watch the new film.”I don’t think so. This is where you go, ‘Mommy’s going to do this red carpet. I think you guys should stay at home.’ ”